The Brief

A global messaging app with 650m+ users worldwide, Viber launched its ‘Public Chats’ in 2015, allowing users access to expert-led group chats dedicated to entertainment, sport, news, tech, music and so on. Viber asked 2Forks to lead the first food and restaurants channel, a curated chat forum featuring images, video, audio and stickers from across the world.

Our Approach

2Forks pulled together a pool of contributors – chefs, journalists and passionate food lovers – from the UK, of course, but also key markets across the planet: Philippines, Japan, Sweden, Dubai, Thailand, USA, Brazil and India. We then thrashed out a daily-changing editorial schedule for radio-style food and travel features, interviews, recipes, reviews, competitions and forum-style food chats that ran 24/7, as well as one-off live events and campaigns like 2Forks Food Stars, a search for the hottest up-and-coming food talent in the world.

What We Delivered

Less than a year after launching, we had clocked up 1.7m followers, which means that we were bringing Viber’s new public chats platform to almost 2m users in over 100 countries worldwide.