What we offer

Restaurants and food brands come to us with a broad range of aims, but they all have one thing in common: they want to communicate better with customers. We start right back at the goal, and work from there, so if you don't know what you need, no problem - we can chat through your situation and put together a proposal.

Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice Development

Timeline: 8-10 weeks - Budget: £7,000

Helping brands connect with hungry consumers by identifying the key messages that really resonate with their customers and communicating these in a voice that really makes sense to them.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Timeline: 6-8 weeks - Budget: £6,000

Helping businesses take their customers on a deliberate journey from first time buyers to return visitors and eventually fans and ambassadors of their brand.

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Menu Engineering

Timeline: minimum 3 months - Budget: £15-20k

Helping operators make their most important sales document work as hard as it possibly can by speaking to customers, FOH teams, BOH teams and analysing sales data

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2Forks Power Hour

1 hour slot - Zoom

Bite-sized marketing support for food, drink and hospitality businesses with limited budgets.

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