Who The Fork?

Yes, who the hell are you?

Good question. We are Annica and Anna, two former food and hospitality journalists with a healthy addiction to food, drink and words. After working together for a decade as editors at Square Meal, we decided to stop writing about restaurants and food brands, and start writing for them. You can see us down below, enjoying a working lunch and looking entirely relaxed in front of the camera.

How long have you been doing it?

We hung up our critics’ hats (and wigs, and false moustaches) and launched 2Forks in September 2014. Content marketing was exploding, and the restaurateurs and marketing teams we were in touch with needed help planning and producing their content. So we retrained as commercial copywriters and got to work with them. Since then, we’ve produced copy for:

Wahaca, Coca-Cola, GODO, Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Viber, KERB, Fego, The Grange Festival

Sounds great. What’s copy?

Copy is simply anything that is written to help increase sales. So that could be a customer email, a staff email or web page, POS signage, a menu or a pavement A-board.

Why couldn’t I just do that myself?

Strong, well-researched copy is the most powerful tool you have to win customers, increase spend and, ultimately, buy yourself a Rolls Royce. Or at least a top-of-the-range Toyota. Good copy fills restaurants and empties shops. Don’t scrimp on it.

How do you do it?

Check out Our Process

This is us

Annica & Anna

Thai food nut Annica spends her down time wrestling with green papaya, mainlining red chilli and adding fish sauce to everything. She came to us via Sweden, with a love of food cultivated by her grandfather, a fisherman. 2Forks clients love her no-nonsense Scandi directness, her eye for the analytics and her ability to turn business goals in to killer content strategies.
Italian food obsessive Anna is never knowingly more than 3 metres from a ripe tomato. Her fixation with restaurants began at the age of 15 at a local Pizza Express, and she loves a restaurant-based challenge (ie. eating an entire cow – yes, really). Her superpower is turning information in to writing that resonates with customers - just sling her in to a dark room with a laptop and a sushi lunch and your copy will emerge shortly.

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