Working with us

Getting Started

Hi there!

A quick 15-minute chat to talk about you, your business challenges and introduce ourselves

How can we help?

A longer call to dig deeper into your objectives, deadlines, scope and budget, as well as where this project fits into your marketing strategy, so we can put together a solution. We might also need you to share analytics, artwork and recent research at this stage.


A detailed run-through of the scope of the project, with costs.


If it works for you, we’ll drop over a contract with a clear statement of work, plus an invoice for 50% of the project fee to book the project in, and we’re good to go.


Your customers

We want to learn a lot more about how your brand should sound. So, we’ll find out more about your customers: who they are, how they speak about you, why they do (and don’t) buy your product. This research will inform everything we write for you, from menus to POS to web copy and emails.

Writing & Editing

Pre-draft blueprints

Blueprints for tone of voice and an outline of the pain points that drive customers to buy (and those pesky ‘Buts’ that can hold them back along the way) are our starting point for the copy. We’ll discuss and refine these with you before moving to draft stage.

First-draft copy

Now that we’ve got everything we need to make sure your copy drives customers to buy, it’s time to write. We’ll work in wireframes, Indesign, Excel, Airstory or just plain old Word, or work directly with a design team on the finished layouts, whatever suits you best.

Launch & Beyond


We work closely with design agencies on turning copy into collateral, so we’ll brief and liaise with designers at this stage to make sure the words and design are pulling in the same direction.

Customer check-in

We’ll run test versions of your finished email, website or menu past customers for their feedback at this stage, or work from feedback after launch. Either way, we’ll refine the copy to further improve click-throughs and sales.


3-2-1… time to launch. Beer and peanuts all round!

And refine

If your content is staying live, we’ll check in with the figures regularly and refine the copy to boost take-up and learn from your customers’ behaviour. We’ll now be experts in your brand, and ready to take on the next project.

Not sure what you need?