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It was super helpful. Loads of ideas floating around now! Thanks so much for a great session - I can't wait for more.
The new menu has been huge for us. Not only has it put a real feeling of energy into the company internally but our sales have been great recently and we can’t help feeling that the new menu has definitely had a part to play in this. The new layout with less clutter feels so much cleaner and accessible. It is amazing what a change it has made to the look and feel. You guys did a really fantastic job.”
Working with Anna and Annica was a delight. They were so helpful, always available for a chat and their insights and suggestions were spot on. We’ve taken on board a lot of the testing principles that they taught us, and are now including these in our menu update cycles going forward.
You guys have been priceless. The way you’ve pushed us to move forward – we are working so much better and more closely together now and it’s been the influence of doing this with you
We were lucky enough to be introduced to Annica and 2Forks, and immediately felt the benefit in having someone on board who not only thoroughly understands the importance and use of the written word, but also was sympathetic and supportive of both where we came from and where we want to go
Now that our tone of voice is defined, approaching copy is easier to navigate and the team can focus on consistency. Introducing Annica to the process has brought fresh perspective.
The piece was great - just the right mix of information and inspiration!
Anna and Annica delivered exactly what we had asked for. They weren’t afraid to challenge but reacted to our feedback in a very positive way. A real pleasure to work with.
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You don't leave a session with 2Forks feeling like you just had a strategy chat; you leave feeling like there's a clear road map.
I appreciated the fact that the core message - making people listen and creating engagement - is really punchy and not the usual ‘let’s build an audience’ shit you see all the time. It’s about making your written communications better and thinking about what the words on your page actually say. I got real value from the coaching calls, the concise PDFs, and the Facebook group where we were making connections and carrying on discussions offline.
I booked a Power Hour and got what felt like a course targeted specifically to my needs. Annica and I covered a great deal in a short space of time and I came away with a much clearer idea of how to approach my client's email marketing strategy. There was opportunity for me to raise specific issues with campaigns I'm working on and my client has already seen a leap in engagement and response rates. I feel like together we really cracked this! I highly recommend.
I feel super-confident about voice when I sit down to write now, whether I’m posting on Instagram or pulling together new web copy.
We were initially sceptical about spending additional budget on TOV development after the branding work we’d already done, but we totally get it now we’ve got a voice that really sounds like Tonkotsu. We weren't expecting to enjoy the process as much as we did.

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