Menu Engineering – The Tour

Over the past 10 years, 2Forks co-founder Annica Wainwright has done menu engineering for restaurant brands including Wahaca, Dishoom, Rosa's Thai, Caravan and Pizza Pilgrims.

Now YOU can learn the tricks of the trade from one of the biggest Menu Geeks in the world 🙌

Two men sat at the table enjoying a menu engineering course from 2Forks

In this hands-on workshop, the co-founder of 2Forks will break down the process she’s used to create killer menus for brands including Pizza Pilgrims, Dishoom, Wahaca, Rosa’s Thai and Caravan and show how YOU can apply the same techniques to your menu.

Prepare to fill your notebook, scribble all over your menu and feel inspired by real case studies. The tour bus is coming to a city near you soon!

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Rebecca Hodges, Arcade London

“A brilliant insight into menu science.”

You'll leave this workshop with:


Annica Wainwright delivering a menu engineering workshop

👉 A clear, step-by-step guide to 360° Menu Optimisation, from goal-setting right through to testing

👉 Proven behavioural science strategies you can apply to your menu and wider customer journey

👉 The smart menu matrix system you’ll use to turn your sales data into menu strategy over and over and over again

👉 Expert insights on pricing, strategic menu design, signposting and dish descriptions

👉 Personal recommendations for your menu (make sure you share this when you sign up – we can’t WAIT to take a look at it)

Mike Palmer, Red Roaster

“A practical workshop that adds a lot of value in a short time and can be implemented easily.”

Who should attend?

These workshops suit hospitality businesses of all sizes – from small independents to large groups. Thanks to the discounted team seats, you can bring all your key stakeholders for a reasonable rate.

People who got great value from previous workshops included:

Because we’ll be covering everything from pricing and sales data to layouts, copy and steps of service, there will be relevant content for everyone, and you’ll squeeze a lot more from the work we do on your menu if you bring your team.

You will be mixed into groups with other operators as we run through the menu optimisation process and discuss engineering tactics for all the menus in the room, but there’ll also be dedicated time to brainstorm with your team and get bespoke advice from Annica.

What's the feedback on this workshop from other operators?

Menu engineering workshop attendees from the past - a list of brand logos

“I can’t explain how much I loved yesterday. Learning from a woman who is so knowledgable and approachable, and clearly top of her field, was inspiring in itself. I’ve been to so many seminars that have left me flat and uninspired – this was the complete opposite. Such a great day. It felt so personal being able to get one-on-one time at the end.”
Sue Holloway, Roxy Restaurants


“Menu engineering is such a unique but important element of marketing – and yet, it’s not something that you often consider. That’s what makes this course so valuable – actionable insights that you can immediately implement into your business. I found it especially helpful as a small marketing team of one.”
Emily Jacobs, Marcus Wareing Restaurants


“Amazing – practical and easy to apply principles. SO much knowledge poured into the session and such a fun way to learn. Annica clearly knows her shit, and gave us some great takeaways and titbits as well as some much bigger thinking for menus.”
Mary-Kate Shannon-Little, Dirty Bones


“Insightful and thought provoking. I really enjoyed going through the matrix and understanding the key things to look at when designing a menu. I also enjoyed looking at actual menus. It really helped me visualise things.”
Alice Woodhead, Various Eateries 


“Even if you think you know how to ‘do’ menus, you can benefit from downloading a whole load of tips and tricks from Annica. She is the most wonderful host and she demonstrates the end-to-end process of building optimal menus from research through to design based on years of experience and testing. The day will ultimately deliver real and significant ROI to your brand and business, and you’ll have a lot of fun!”
Frank Maguire, Big Penny

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