What services do you offer?

We specialise in marketing copywriting for food and hospitality brands. Our main services are menu writing and content creation, which roughly breaks down into web copy, customer emails, internal communications, blog content, sales brochures and point-of-sale material. Essentially, though, it’s words in any form that make what you sell more appealing to customers.

We also put together digital marketing strategy for restaurants and food brands to deliver in house, and – increasingly – offer weekly coaching to support marketing teams. All our project fees include regular catch-ups.

What does a copywriter do?

Glad you asked. A lot of people aren’t quite sure. In short, a copywriter sells using words, working with an in-house marketing team to generate content across a number of platforms. So a project might start with key collateral like your sales brochure, proposal and website, and then continue to customer emails, newsletters, restaurant A-boards and blog content to help with marketing a food or hospitality business to existing and new customers. We do a lot of work on point-of-sale material for restaurants and food brands too – we specialise in restaurant menu optimisation and menu writing for clients like Wahaca.

What do you need to get started?

Every project starts with a discussion about your objectives. Ideally, we’d then spend some time getting friendly with your brand guidelines, including direction on tone of voice, and any market research you have. Ideally! In reality, a lot of food and restaurant brands come to us with their objectives and brand attributes, and we fill in the gaps with research before the writing stage. Find out more about our process.

Do I need brand voice guidelines?

Visual identity is really important, but tone of voice is what will really connect you with your customers, so you can’t really short-cut it. That said, we often use a piece of working copy like FAQs as a tone-of-voice blueprint to save time and budget.

Do you offer design services too?

Although we work on structure and layout on almost every project, and have a healthy relationship with Indesign, we don’t offer design services ourselves. We work alongside clients’ in-house team or design agency to deliver the finished designs.

Do you charge by the word?

We don’t. Partly because short-form writing is often far more labour intensive to produce than longer pieces.  We work on both a project and retainer basis, both with very clear deliverables. We catch up with ongoing clients on a weekly half-hour Zoom call to update and keep track of progress.

When do I need to pay you?

We’ll invoice 50% when you sign the contract to secure the time in our schedule, then the final 50% on completion. If the project slips back, we may ask for an interim payment of 25%.

What programmes do you work with?

We’re pretty polyamorous when it comes to software, so we’ll fit around you. If you like to communicate on Slack, Zoom, Asana and Googledocs, no problem. If you’d rather stick to the telephone, PowerPoint and MS Word, we’re ok with that too. We also use Indesign a lot.

Can you help with SEO?

Yes. We take an organic approach to SEO for restaurant and food brand clients, which means we weave common search terms into engaging restaurant and food brand copy rather than loading them in at the expense of the restaurant and food brand message. See? Regular blog updates can really help too.

Where are you based? Can we meet?

We have two bases, in London and Whitstable, on the Kent coast. We always like to meet in person to begin with, but find that Zoom works really well for remote face-to-face catch-ups during a project.

What comes first: design or copy?

Great question. It can work either way, and depends on what we’re creating. On restaurant menu design projects, we start with the layouts, then hand over to design, and pick up on the copywriting once they’re laid out. On web design projects, we can work with designed wireframes, or collaborate on the structure and layout before writing the copy. But customer emails for restaurant and food brand clients tend to be word led. So it varies from project to project.

Can you recommend other specialists in food or hospitality who can help me?

Absolutely. We have a network of trusted PRs, designers, stylists, photographers and researchers who we partner with often and can definitely recommend. Like these guys:



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