Coca – Cola


The Brief

Coca-Cola, via their lead digital agency Movement, wanted to trial food content to encourage young adults across Europe to add Coke to their ‘mental shopping list’ for those on-the-hop shops that urban twenty-somethings do on the way back from work. We were asked to create quick, easy monthly recipe hacks and occasion-led list articles for a web campaign running throughout 2017, driven through social media. As well as GB and Ireland, the recipes were going to be translated for Coca-Cola’s European sites so ingredients needed to be available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Our Approach

2Forks came up with a schedule of 12 social-friendly hack-style recipes and list content to match the seasonal occasions Movement and Coca-Cola had identified as their key themes for the 2017 campaign. We made sure recipes required no more than 15 minutes’ prep and used a maximum of five ingredients, all available from local mini-markets from Spain to Sweden. Then, we tested each recipe thoroughly – these hacks were designed for beginners and needed to make sense across multiple translations, so we couldn’t afford ambiguities. All content was completed well within deadline, giving the agency and client plenty of time for feedback before the shoots.

What We Delivered

Shot with Coke in situ, the recipe content is appealing and on-brand. The agency and client were delighted with it. Now we’re awaiting the campaign stats to see if Coca-Cola’s association with simple recipes and foodie occasions has encouraged young adults to make it part of their daily shop.

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